How do I log in to GlobeMed Academy?
For GlobeMed Employees

·  If you are an employee of GlobeMed Group, GlobeMed Lebanon or GlobeMed Saudi, use your WINDOWS username & password to log in

·  If you are part of any other GlobeMed Operation, use your MS Outlook username & password to log in.

How do I log in to GlobeMed Academy?
For GlobeMed Providers

If you are a healthcare provider in our network, then your username & password will be the same as your i*Care or i*Geme credentials, i.e:

Your country code - Your i*Care or i*Geme username, e.g.: LB-TANGO1

Your country code - Your i*Care or i*Geme password, e.g.: LB-Alpha12

Check the following table for your country code:

How do I change my Password?

Upon your first log in to GlobeMed Academy, the system will automatically prompt you to change your password. If not, then follow the below steps:

1.       Click on “Profile Settings” in the left corner of your “Home” screen

2.       Click on “Change Password”

3.       Enter your “Current Password”

4.       Enter your “New Password”

5.       Confirm your “New Password” by entering it a second time

6.       Click on “Save Changes”

How do I access a course?

·  Click on the Login link on the website front page

·  Enter your login credentials

·  Click on My Coursesto view the courses you are enrolled in

·  Click on the course link to view the course description & summary & enter the course



How do I access the course Quiz?

·  Click on the quiz link available at the end of the course description page to access the course quiz.

·  Click onAttempt quiz nowto launch the quiz

·  When you’re done, click onSubmitto send your answers


N.B.: You can take the quiz as many times as you want however, keep in mind that the system will retain the score of your first attempt. Consequently, this score cannot be reset or modified for any reason.

How do I keep track of my course status?

·  A blue progress bar indicates that you have not viewed nor completed the course

·  A green progress bar indicates that you have completed or viewed the course


How can I evaluate the course & share my feedback?

·  Click on the linkPlease click here to fill out the course evaluation form on the right of your screen

·  Click on Answer the Questions& then click on Submit your answers


Contact for additional inquiries and / or support